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Welcome to our new website. Since 2003 Sanchez Garcia Y Asociados has represented both private and commercial clients involved in a wide variety of legal matters throughout Spain and the United Kingdom. We have the diversity of practice and depth of experience to assist clients with various legal issues, from private concerns such as Personal Injury representation or wills and Estate Planning to matters of Commercial Business Law or Real Estate transactions.

To each client, we provide detailed service, responsive representation and individual attention backed by years of practical experience both in and out of court. Our firm also maintains a reputation among industry leaders with whom we regularly work for our professionalism and commitment to protecting our clients’ best interests.

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Family Law

If you are going through hard family law related matters in Spain, you should get a Spanish lawyer to represent and advise you in these stressful moments. Whether it is an uncontested divorce or the death of a loved one. Avoid the complexities of the legal system in Spain, put the matter into the hands of an experienced attorney.


Debt recovery in Spain

Outstanding payments can be a burden, specially to the creditor. Do not assume those debts as a loss. Our dedicated lawyers have the legal experience and credibility to solve matters and reclaim money effectively and frequently without having to go to Court. We recognize our clients´ need of maintaining their business relationship and good name, therefore our lawyers follow a professional and ethical approach.


Real Estate Law

When buying or selling a property in Spain, you need to make sure all the legal requirements are fulfilled, that is why it is necessary to have a lawyer who represent your interest in such process, making sure everything is according to the law, thus avoiding many potential pitfalls.


Immigration Law

Immigration Law in Spain is intricate and it is in constant change, which makes it difficult to deal with the Administration and obtain a successful result for your immigration case. If you wish to immigrate legally to Spain, you need an experienced Spanish Immigration Lawyer.


Personal Injury

Have you been a victim of a road accident, medical malpractice or work related accident in Spain and you need assistance to seek compensation for your personal injury? Our Law firm represents personal injury victims securing a maximum compensation. Contact our expert attorneys and discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer.


Corporate Law

Do you want to start a business in Spain? Maybe you already have a business but you need Knowledgeable legal advise or you are an entrepreneur who just started out and has legal inquiries and concerns about doing business in Spain. Many business owners require advise on legal matters that arise from everyday activities.



Cancelling a timeshare contract is not only to make it void in order to eliminate any civil or criminal responsibility related to it, but also to delete the name of the timeshare owner from the central registry, as otherwise the above responsibilities subsist.

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