The level of complexity of the spanish immigration law can make it difficult to operate through the system and to reach a successful solution for your immigration matter. If you are looking to immigrate legally to Spain, you can benefit with the help of a knowledgeable Spanish Immigration Lawyer.

Our firm helps individuals and corporate clients resolve their immigration issues. We provide quality representation because we understand the complexities of immigration law.

Whether you need assistance to apply for a residency permit, work permit, student permit or you are facing problems with your application or denial of it, we can represent your interest and arrive to a successful result. Not all applications and applicants are the same and it is extremely important to know in which category you need to apply for.

With the current changes to the immigration laws, administrative procedures and requirements, it is strongly advisable to consult an immigration lawyer. Once an application has been denied it is more difficult to revert the situation.

The new government is putting obstacles to regularizations and to grant residency unless certain requirements are fulfilled, thus being extremely important knowing under which circumstances the applicant will be applying.

Our experts attorneys will assess your personal circumstances in order to achieve a successful application. They know the best way to represent your interests and they address each client´s immigration case with a fresh view.

NIE Application Service

Maybe you do not intend to reside in Spain but you wish to buy a property, form a company , open a business or purchase a car, then it is mandatory to apply for a Foreigner Identification Number (N.I.E).

With our door to door service you do not have to travel to Spain to get the N.I.E., within 15 days you can have the NIE number in your house, avoiding unnecessary expenses and loosing time.